Trend watch: a red alert

11th May 2012 Red is hot! I received this image from our good friends at the Berlin store Lunettes Brillenagentur last week (, and the little hint of very striking scarlet looked very cool and uplifting indeed; this colour has certainly had its moments through eyewear history in the last decades. There are quite a few exciting luxury reds around that we’ve been enjoying, but with so much talk of pinks and pastels, I haven’t had a moment to fully appreciate how amazing these scarlet shades can be. Bright red offers something positively decadent and characterful in eyewear…

Casper, Oliver Goldsmith

Three favourites, the Casper from Oliver Goldsmith, (above, which we wrote about last month in our reviews section and we simply can’t get enough of this one,¬†and the completely flamboyant “catty shades” (that’s my preferred name for the catseye) by RVS by. V. (, as well as that Framers choice we just wrote about, all very enticing. Enjoy the brights while there are plenty of flirtacious ones on offer. CN

Paris, RVS by V.