Ralph Anderl

ic! berlin – Designer’s Universe

1st July 2012 Ralph Anderl is the creative force behind the international brand ic! berlin. With his unbridled enthusiasm and ‘tour de force’ approach to life, I’ve always found his desire to experiment, explore and push barriers an exciting part of his personality, and his avant-garde designs. Perpetually on the move, Eyestylist was able to track him down, and he shares his concepts on eyewear and design.

“We had an idea for ic! berlin – a vision – and when we started, we had no clue. So we learned, we improved, made mistakes, and learned some more. Finally, we are a company with approximately one hundred employees, a Monday morning choir, and our own production in Berlin. As a company, we are growing, getting bigger and  bigger, better and better. We might lose it all and close the company, if the world was to go under this year.  Who knows? Normally companies also die like human beings. Nothing is forever……how wise……

dr. ihab in piano rough

Your design philosophy? “Our design philosophy is simplicity and function. Fashion is out of fashion. It is about quality and the soul of the product – no cheap stuff. I’d love to work in sheet metal and acetate. I’d also like to work with cookies and ice cream – we tried…but it was very difficult……Also, the fact that human beings have just two eyes is very restrictive when designing eyewear – to be honest…..

What or who inspires your designs? “Jan Kleihues, one of the most important German architects inspires me a lot with his buildings, humour, and lifestyle. And the drawings I make inspire me. Our next collection will include designs from a picture I drew in 1989! Designing eyewear is a day by day challenge. You have to be very fresh and ‘munter’, strong, super intelligent, tall and brave to do that. I feel that responsibility day and night. Also for peace in the world and for animals, plants and the air – yes, I believe in the United States and Italy!”

ic! berlin launched the new rough. collection featuring 5 acetate frames and 3 colours in June 2012.

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