A/W trends: black watch

3rd September 2012 Traditional black is going to be very, very hot for the new season as baroque gets a luxe make-over and jet-black leather soars again as a must-have, whether for skin-tight trousers, biker jackets, or key accessories (or all of the above). For frames in black, I’ve picked three women’s looks that offer strong, clean lines and that all important attitude.

First, by Massada Eyewear, pictured above, comes this clean, softly curved design called “Les Amours Imaginaires”, that would work with any winter apparel trend you wish….it’s straightforward and casual and sets off a look effortlessly. The style is out at the end of the month; for more specs by Massada Eyewear, take a look here: http://massadaeyewear.com

Narciso Stones by EPOS

Second, from the Italian label EPOS, I like this flourish of decorative stones; while the magazines are talking about opulence, this is a nice twist of femininity on a clean and striking black vintage spectacle design. EPOS is an Italian label using high-quality acetate materials and featuring some very strong, classical shapes, for men and women. To see the current collection, visit: www.eposmilano.com

Lana 387 by Ørgreen

My other choice to recommend with the black theme in mind is by the Danish label Ørgreen. Lana 387 ticks all the boxes when it comes to styling and dual colours for Autumn/Winter. It’s a modified 1950s cat’s eye shape, named after singer/songwriter, Lana Del Rey. This colour combination, where the black sits next to the palest candyfloss pink on the front, looks utterly of the moment. The style is a treat in all its combinations – there is a subtle pale mint with sandblasted gold which is also unique -, and the ideal accompaniment for those dressing for all-out attitude. www.orgreen.dk CN