Hall of Frames/Eyestylist Newcomer Awards

Stunning Styles from Austria and Sweden

20th September 2012 Beautiful eyewear from Alexandra Hötzl-Giselbrecht and Lena Hoschek, designers at Lena Hoschek, and Anna-Karin Karlsson, has been submitted for the forthcoming Hall of Frames/Eyestylist Newcomer Awards.

Austrian based Lena creates frames that are a reflection of what has fascinated her since childhood: the female ideal of the 1940’s and 1950’s (as in the above photo, style SO12), craftsmanship, high-end tailoring, and traditional materials, plus rock ‘n roll, punk music, tattoos, bad guys and fast cars! Her friends think that when she designs, she secretly dreams of Rhett Butler…..


La Rose et La Mer by Anna-Karin Karlsson

Anna-Karin Karlsson continues to push the boundaries of eyewear couture, and the Swedish designer views every frame as a piece of art. Her eyewear is elaborate and visionary (above), and music and painting are essential for her creative processes, not only as an inspiration, but as the root from which all of her work stems. Every design has a setting, a name and a story that goes with it.

Watch this space for more designs that we are receiving from international creators for the first Hall of Frames Newcomer Awards – winners to be announced in Stuttgart on 22nd October 2012. www.hallofframes.ch JG