Hall of Frames/Eyestylist Newcomer Awards

Innovation and Inspiration Highlight Frame Styles

17th September 2012  Entries are arriving daily for the Newcomer Awards, and we are excited about the designs we have seen, plus discovering the motivation and inspiration that the eyewear creators put into their frames. Today we present designs and comments from Monoqool in Denmark, and Coppe+Sid in England.

Henrik Holbaek and Claus Jensen are the design team behind the Danish brand Monoqool, launched in 2010. “With our first collection, we started our pursuit to be the most innovative eyewear company. We came up with the ingenious spiral hinge (photo above, Radar), a hinge made completely with screws and soldering. Form follows function. A simple, but very innovative approach to eyewear.” www.monoqool.com


Unique workmanship – DAKAR by Coppe+Sid

Sid Fiz is an optician; Coppe Gualtiero has extensive experience in sales, development and export, and their joint talents led to the creation of Coppe+Sid. “Our collection is a contemporary recreation of a timeless collection put together with skilled, traditional handcrafting, and new production techniques. The collection is a cross-cultural design reference for a distinguished, refined, and cosmopolitan aesthetic.” www.coppeandsid.co.uk

In the following weeks, we’ll be presenting designs submitted from other independent creators –  we’re delighted with the broad scope of the entries!  Winners will be announced at Hall of Frames in Stuttgart, 22nd October. www.hallofframes.ch JG