Blood & Tears

An Exclusive Edition by the Monocle Order

19th December 2012 Blood & Tears is a new collection from the Monocle Order, a Members’ Club for sunglass enthusiasts and one of the most exciting online retailers based in New York, stocking a selection of super eyewear labels, including Thierry Lasry, RVS by V., Illesteva, L.G.R. and Waiting for the Sun. In Paris this year, Zoe Nightingale Wiseman told me how how her love of sunglass fashion has brought about the creation of the Monocle Order’s own label, produced in a collaboration with Turkish label RVS by V.

Why “Blood and Tears”? Blood and Tears is the inspiration behind the things that really matter in life. From art to music to love, these are the liquids that saturate the most important moments in our lives. So for us, there was no better name for something into which we put so much of our heart and soul.

What is the idea behind the designs and how/where they were made? We approached Vidal Erkohen from RVS by V. because we are always so impressed with his eye for colour and detail. Together, we decided to update the classic wayfarer, because of its timeless sex appeal and universally wearable shape.We pored over books and consulted with our clients, trying to figure out what it was they loved about eyewear and what they felt was lacking. It took a while to find the right combination, but after the painful process of making prototypes and corrections we finally decided on one that was longer, thinner and sexier than its predecessor.

Detail, Blood & Tears, Monocle Order

Our first collection features four colours. All of our frames were made in the RVS factory in Istanbul, using Mazzucchelli acetate produced in Italy. Each colour is matched with one of four different lenses, all gradiated, and all custom hand dyed in Turkey. We wanted to offer something classic, but with vibrant colour and lenses that gave each model its own unique style. Each frame in the 200 piece collection has been hand stamped with a number that corresponds to its number in the production line.

Is there more to come in this collaboration? We are currently working on six new styles. We are very excited to show everyone the signature lines we are in the process of making for a world-famous DJ. Stay tuned, for the best is yet to come!

MOREL par Jean Nouvel
Götti Switzerland

The new Blood & Tears collection is available exclusively from the Monocle Order online at To view their new shoot featuring models from the line and a very famous puppy called Boo, visit the Monocle Order on Facebook.

Eyestylist is delighted to announce that we will be gifting one of the new limited “Blood & Tears” sunglass styles, packaged in a presentation box, and accompanied by an exclusive membership of Monocle Order in New York. For more information follow our Facebook page. CN