Bespoke at Oliver Goldsmith

A unique service for handcrafted eyewear

10th April 2013 Last month we were back at Oliver Goldsmith HQ in London, a visit that allowed us a chance to become more acquainted with the extraordinary OG archive and its rows of iconic designs. We also learnt about their bespoke service and how you can have a frame inspired by the vintage archive made especially for you. This is a unique experience  in bespoke creations, and a chance to have your own little piece of eyewear history. “You find it with shoes, you find it with bags, but you have to dig deep to find a bespoke service in eyewear where you can have a frame handmade to your chosen design and sizing,” explained Zoe Cosby as we pulled open drawer upon drawer of inspiring Oliver Goldsmith designs from the past. “The bespoke frames are made in the last surviving British eyewear factory individually and by hand, it’s a painstaking process with a result that is comparable to the finest bespoke products available.”

Oliver Goldsmith archive, OG store London
Oliver Goldsmith archive, OG store London

If you don’t live in London or the UK and can’t get to the Oliver Goldsmith store itself, there are now over 10 stores around the world that can measure and order a bespoke handcrafted Oliver Goldsmith acetate style for you. They include LA’s famous Gogosha Optique – and the very unique Eyesite  boutique in Philadelphia – Find the OG Store at:

Götti Switzerland

Photography by Margarida Viegas exclusively for CN