Emmanuelle Khanh

Fashion Legacy in Eyewear

23rd April 2013 As a writer, I’ve been fortunate to meet a fascinating array of musicians, artists and designers. Each meeting is notable, and some interviews are truly memorable. One such event was meeting Emmanuelle Khanh (above) in Paris, at the time when she had a marvellous boutique on Avenue Victor Hugo. She was stunning – shining black hair – and of course, wearing amazing glasses from her eyewear collection.

“When a woman feels well in clothes, jewellery and glasses, she feels well in general,” declared Khanh, “and I never do fashion for fashion; I just make what I like, whether it’s clothing or eyewear. I wear glasses and I created my own frames from the beginning (1971) and I have stayed with the same shape. Glasses were once an infirmity, but now they are a fashion advantage. What is important is to find your style, your own personality in fashion. The first pair of frames I made is still the design that sells internationally.”


Götti Switzerland
Emmanuelle Khanh Design - Her favourite shape
Emmanuelle Khanh Design –
her favourite shape

That interview took place over twenty years ago, and the same eyewear shape that Emmanuelle Khanh created (above) continues to sell around the globe. She is a fashion visionary in every sense of the word, and grasps the importance of eyewear as an accessory, and the concept of vintage forever. www.emmanuellekhanhparis.com JG

Photo: Courtesy of Emmanuelle Khanh Paris