Götti Celebrates!

Happy 20th Anniversary Götti Switzerland

Götti Switzerland family and friends, opticians and customers, and the wonderful Götti staff toasted the company’s 20th anniversary in Lucerne with delicious Swiss specialities, music, dancing and festivities. Eyestylist was delighted to participate in this occasion, and we had an opportunity to chat with founder and designer Sven Götti. “This is such a good and special moment,” said Götti, “as when we opened the store it was my dream to design. However, I felt I needed to learn more about optics and what customers really wanted. So we started slowly, and it’s a good feeling to know that people like what we create.”

Götti Switzerland: style, innovation and technology
Götti Switzerland: style, innovation and technology

Twenty years on, Götti designs have global reach in more than 1200 speciality shops around the world. The company has been recognised with prestigious awards including the Red Dot, The Swiss Economic Award, and the Travel & Leisure Award. Götti creations are a trinity of style, technical accomplishments and innovation. Watch this space for more news on the exciting Götti exhibition, that will be travelling to various European cities. Congratulations to Sven and the Götti team! www.gotti.ch JG

Photos: Top photo: Sven Götti with his dog Lucky Copyright: Gilles Stüssi

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Götti Switzerland