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A story of ongoing innovation

26th April 2013 We have been given access to another fantastic archive for this month of vintage celebration on Eyestylist. The Austrian eyewear company, Silhouette has a very rich past, and a number of statement pieces such as the design classic above from the 1974 Futura Sunwear collection – now very collectible and sought after – and model 500 from 1978 (see below). This is the first time I have had a chance to have a look at these Austrian-made styles through the years, and many more that have played their part in the development of eyewear into a fashion accessory. Silhouette was created in 1964 by Anneliese and Arnold Schmied and today remains true to its roots both in terms of the Austrian production and its appetite for innovative, hi-tech design. The company became well-known for its lightweight frames and rimless designs in the late 1990s, and its commitment to these qualities which became the preferred choice of frame for astronauts travelling to space.

Model 500 by Silhouette, 1978
PAST: Model 500 by Silhouette, 1978

This year the company is celebrating another new launch for its lightweight eyewear concept, Titan Minimal Art, in the form of The Icon. We have tried and tested these feather-light minimal frames (there are specs and sunglass versions available), which are made of titanium and SPX, much like the first frames in the Titan Minimal Art series, designed by Gerhard Fuchs and launched in 1999.

PRESENT: The Icon, Silhouette
PRESENT: The Icon, Silhouette

Created in Linz, Austria, each Icon style is made in a detailed process that includes high-tech processing and handcrafting and in total, more than 200 steps. The designs aim to be youthful and easy for all faces, and are consistent with the original Titan Minimal Art concept, with focus on the reduced weight, a minimal almost non-existent frame, flexibility and hingeless and screwless design. The styles strike a clever balance in terms of premium quality, practicality and price and there is an almost dizzying choice of colours from modern brights to classics such as gold or black. For more information and virtual try on visit  Images courtesy of Silhouette Eyewear.  CN

MOREL par Jean Nouvel

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