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Ralph Anderl at Ic! berlin

28th May 2013 Today Eyestylist launches a new series on eyewear designers and their partnership with architecture. Historical buildings, as well as new structures, frequently inspire eyewear creators. Ralph Anderl tells Eyestylist about his favourite building in Berlin.

“This is an outstanding building, (above) designed by Roger Bundschuh and Cosima von Bonin. It’s a very strong, massive, dark grey concrete structure, and was built only a few years ago, but is already a landmark building. It really inspires me when I design. Outside there may be noise, but inside, there is silence, and I can look out the windows and watch the world – it’s like an aquarium. I’m a true Berliner and I live in the building too.”


Landmark Berlin building by Bundscmuh + Bonin
Landmark Berlin building by Bundschuh and Bonin

The Bundschuh and Bonin wedge-shaped building, the L40, is located in the historic Rosa-Luxembourg-Platz in Berlin. The structure is a big departure from the usual restrictive Berlin urban planning codes. The sculptural approach appeals to Anderl and is often reflected in his frames. “I love the building because it is authentic, like our frames,” says Anderl, “and we do what is real. People want what is real and we focus on handcraft. There is no artifical stuff – we deliver authenticity.” www.ic-berlin.de JG

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