Eyewear Adventures in Paris

Originality and Ingenuity Prevail in Paris

28th September 2013  Clodagh and I are twirling around SILMO viewing multiple collections, and marvelling at the creative intensity of eyewear designers. Two impressive standouts are Theo from Belgium and Tarian in Paris. Japanese titanium and horn unite in perfect balance with striking shapes in eye-witness by theo. TV and TX (above) achieve a balancing act between symmetry and asymmetry, and also between a hard material such as titanium, and a ‘soft’ natural element such as horn. The ‘browline’ shape is inspired by the 1950’s optical look that accentuated the eyebrows. Gorgeous colours too — all accented with natural Indian water buffalo horn. www.theo.be


Expressive Eyewear by Tarian
Expressive Eyewear by Tarian

Bold, strong statement styles are the hallmark of Jérémy Tarian. His goal is to create unique and original frames in superior materials, while infusing the design with unexpected concepts. The voluminous lines in Shark Tank (above) are beautifully accented with graphic elements, and precise and elegant details. www.jeremytarian.com

Our explorations at the show continue – so stay tuned for exciting discoveries in eyewear excitement! JG