Trend watch: Colour with intrigue

3rd September 2013 Colour choices are very seductive this season. Alongside plenty of blocked single shades are a growing array of frames in exotic multi tones, using print, pattern, even marbling – on a wide variety of materials from wood to titanium to much loved acetate.

From Italy, W-Eye is a specialist in wood eyewear strengthened with aluminium sheets which also lend extra flexibility to their designs. This year, as well as proposing frames in natural wood tones, they have launched some unique designs with playful stripes, real wood-grain colour effects and exotic rainbow colours. W-Eye’s sunglass model 202 Rajasthan (above) is one of their fun, showy sunglass styles that uses bold statement coloured stripes with a charming soft oval eye shape.

RVS by V
Loyalty / RVS by V.

RVS by V., the Turkish label by Vidal Erkohen, is one of the independent labels working with top-of-the-range vintage Mazzucchelli acetate this year. “We are using a lot of marbled acetate for the collection this time round,” explains Erkohen, “we are always looking for new combinations of colours for this collection. The blend of solid colour with marbled acetate balances things out and it has been a lot of fun mixing the two within this new line we are launching in Paris shortly.” RVS by V. eyewear is now available at These Eyes of Mine (, Washington DC, Magrabi Optical, U.A.E., and Polo Optique, Istanbul.

Essesquadro Eyewear model 211
Essequadro Eyewear / model 211

Young Italian label Essequadro Eyewear also makes a feature of brightly patterned Mazzucchelli acetates, this time new ones, in colours developed exclusively for the Ariano Irpino-based label. Their new collection, also launching in Paris end of this month, is inspired by the 1950s and 60s and the history of Italian frames; the range is made in Italy’s traditional eyewear region of Belluno using traditional techniques. Find out more at CN