Rolf Spectacles, Austria

Which wood frame? Here are five designs we have picked out following our visits in Paris – all five I have been able to study in some way. We have looked for fine craftsmanship and beautiful techniques in the making of the frame, but we’ve also looked for great design with a modern direction and a nice fit – I have seen several wonky, not so pretty temples in wood and ill-fitting frames, so we were seeking out a top selection from brands that lead the way in this material or who have done something slightly different with wood details or bamboo.

This exemplary one – Espada – is by Rolf Spectacles, one of the few labels that makes handmade frames entirely in wood …there are no metal parts or screws. As well as being robust with an interesting shape, the frame has an exceptional and precise finish, and the grain and character of the wood are always carefully highlighted in the designs. Rolf Spectacles works with a variety of natural woods such as oak, maple, bamboo and bog oak. The Rolf Spectacles label has launched their first innovations in buffalo horn in Paris last week and that is another story of innovation and artisan expertise. CN