Gold fever

1st December 2013 Completely irresistible chic gold items for the festive season…we think we’ve found some really splendid ones, each one showing off the luxurious quality of this elegant precious metal that is very much in vogue again. Meet two special jewellery companies – creative uber-chic designer Kirsten Goss –, and the acclaimed Belgian designers, Wouters & Hendrix – In eyewear, we found many different expressions of the gold theme including exceptional hand-finished gold designs that revisit the refined elegance of precious metal in spectacle design. CN

1. Songbird by Barton Perreira,  2. Gold cuff by Wouters & Hendrix, 3. Ring by Wouters & Hendrix 4. Zero 01, gold aviator, Finest Seven, 5. Mia hoops by Kirsten Goss, £95.00,  6. Ring by Wouters & Hendrix, as before 7. Feather pendant by Wouters & Hendrix 8. Velma cuff, £265, by Kirsten Goss 9. Ventura by BOZ, Fabulous Papers collection,