Viking Holidays

Jacob Kilsgaard Celebrates The Season!

24th December 2013 Jacob Kilsgaard describes a Danish Christmas – with food, fine wine, family and friends.

“Being Danish, and thereby a Viking, you can image all the eating and drinking we have. We get together with friends and family you only see in December, and we talk about all the things we didn’t have a chance to over the past year. We celebrate Christmas and open the gifts on the evening of the 24th. We eat crispy pork with red cabbage, oven cooked duck, and Christmas sausages. We flush it all down with rice pudding and hectolitres of red wine. Good times ahead for sure…..Our traditions are more or less the same for Christmas Eve and day – we prepare the food for the day, go to church, go home and watch the classic Disney cartoons, eat a huge dinner, light the candles on the tree, listen to carols and dance around the house, and open the gifts. At midnight we eat again – and the same procedure is for Christmas Day – only without church and gifts.

“As an only child, I was always drowning in presents on Christmas Eve. My best friend Morten Bast lived down the street from us, and we always put on  all of our presents and met on the hill between our houses, packed with our new clothes, ski-goggles, wearing ski boots and carrying whatever ‘Santa’ had brought us….Silly spoiled 15 year old boys! For the merry season,  hold your head high, be a good host, remember people we’ve lost over the years, and remember it’s all about the kids.” JG