Rolf Spectacles – The Tyrol

Unique Setting for Cosy Optical Boutique

12th February 2014 The Rolf team’s passions are diverse – among them automobiles and eyewear. However, the two items are intricately linked in The Rolf World. Cars are an inspiration for their innovative designs in pure horn, wood, and stone that are all handcrafted in their Tyrol premises. So it was natural that when a disused petrol station became available near the Rolf offices, it was the perfect setting for a Rolf Boutique.

While on a visit to the shop, Rolf sales director Bernhard Wolf explained how the possibility of opening the store presented itself in an unusual manner. “This space was originally a petrol station. When the gas station closed, the bank actually offered us the shop, and we said yes. We have many clients who travel from Germany to buy frames in the boutique – customers want to by from the people who make the glasses. It is usually a member of the Rolf team who can be found working in the shop,” said Wolf.

MOREL par Jean Nouvel

As a former petrol station, there is ample parking space. The interior is inviting and cosy, and here you’ll find the full collection of Rolf Spectacles. Customers can leisurely try on the amazing designs to their hearts’ content. JG