Multicolour Magic

Burst into Colour!

15th April 2014 Colour and more colour is the fashion password this season. Australian designer Jono Hennessy has launched a frame collection of festive colourations in silk fabrics sourced from Down Under. The result is style 6320 (above) that is available in a wide range of lively, diverse tones. A chic little cat-eye shape highlights the beautifully vibrant colours.

Vibrant Colours by Benedetta Bruzziches
Colour Magic by Benedetta Bruzziches


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Accessory designer Benedetta Bruzziches says: “I believe in energy and colours.” She also loves to experiment, and the gorgeous Carmen Harlequin bag in a riot of quilted coloured leather is a testimony to her beliefs. The bags are all handcrafted in Italy. JG