Coco & Breezy

On tour for summer pop-up

25th June 2014 Corianna “Coco” and Brianna “Breezy” Dotson, the 23 year old twin sisters of the New York eyewear scene, embark on an eyewear adventure this week, taking in Atlanta Georgia, Florida, New York and finally, on 15th August, Toronto. The girls who have risen to fame in the U.S. with their own sunglasses label and unique fashion direction are showing their SS14 apparel and sunglasses designs in the new Translucent Creatures eyewear collection.

??? by Coco & Breezy
Mosi, Coco & Breezy


MOREL par Jean Nouvel
essedue sunglasses
Hall of Frames Zurich Convention Center 12-13 September 2021
Coco & Breezy
Rainy Day, Coco & Breezy

Styles we’ve come to know at this year as the label starts to reach Europe include Mosi and Rainy Days (above), based on and inspired by an umbrella and the architecture and building structures around the streets of NYC. Unconventional and decadent, they brim with quirky details, fashionista desirability, and a promising direction in quality and finish. CN