Only natural

Fine materials and traditional craftsmanship in contemporary design

1st June 2014 Natural materials are a growing phenomena in product design. And so too in the world of fashion accessories. Whether wood, leather or cork, brand-new inspirational ideas for incorporating natural materials with skill highlight the trend for traditional expertise and craftsmanship in modern design. We’ve picked some exciting examples  – including an urban bicycle by SELVA (highlighted by the Formabuona Italian crafts project), and some examples of authentic artisan eyewear – frames that look good and impress us when it comes to all important practicalities – the fit, the wearability and overall quality and comfort. CN

1. Chapman by Anni Shades, featuring limited edition mirrored lenses 2. Libellule by When I was Seven7een, a natural handmade leather eyewear case, 3. Hubble by Feb31st  4. Dauphine 09 by Rolf Spectacles – from the main | wood collection, made of European plane, and the very latest release from the Austrian artisan label –  5. THOR wooden trolly, Embawo from / 6. Tolomeo Sun by Feb31st  7. Urban bicycle by SELVA, from 8. Cork Collection, soft case / PIJAMA from Formabuona,

Götti Switzerland
SILMO Paris Nord Villepinte 24 - 27 Sept 2021
OGI Eyewear
MOREL par Jean Nouvel