VAVA Eyewear, Berlin

‘Post-industrial’ eyewear newcomer

8th July 2014 The independent eyewear segment is literally bursting with new names – and we are seeing these on a daily basis; at, we continue to search out and report on the ones showing a special direction in design, unique aesthetic or authentic artisan approach.

Launched this year in May, Vava Eyewear is a Berlin based label with Portuguese roots, founded by Pedro da Silva. “I’ve been in the Fashion Industry since graduating as a Textile Engineer,” said Silva in an interview with Eyestylist following the brand’s first successful launch at Tranoi last week. “I have worked as a senior manager in companies such as Mephisto, Inditex (Zara), Hugo Boss and more recently VF Corporation. Last year I was living between Lugano and Milan when I decided to move to Berlin to launch my own company.”

VAVA Eyewear
VAVA Eyewear

“My goal was to create a label in which I try to express my vision of the world and the future. The concept is closely linked to the “post-industrial” society in which we live, and the growing belief of belonging to a “post-human” age.”

A music and art lover and vintage eyewear enthusiast, da Silva is also hooked on the 80s.”80s design always fascinated me. The square, simple aesthetics of computers, the first drum machines and design in general. My idea was to start from there and still create something new.”

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Vava Eyewear
VAVA Eyewear

I’m also interested in Bauhaus and minimalism. I always liked basic shapes, and admire artists like Sol Lewitt, Kazimir Malevich or Josef Albers.  VAVA designs have the same minimalistic and architectural approach. I like to see eyewear as an architectural piece.”

While the intense use of colour is what first drew our attention to this collection, Silva is also very specific on detail such as quality and production. “The brand is driven by attention to detail and outstanding quality,” he explains emphatically. ” We work with very professional and experienced eyewear technicians and designers, who share the same philosophy, what gives great consistency to the project.  The collection is handmade at a small family-owned Italian factory, and we pride ourselves in avoiding mass production.” CN