Anna Piaggi – Fashion Influential

Italian Style-Setter – Exuberant and Eclectic

12th September 2014 Anna Piaggi was an Italian journalist, fashion consultant, and iconic style setter with great artistic flair. She loved clothes, and during her lifetime collected over two thousand dresses, and hundreds of pairs of shoes. Her eclectic dress was a mix of vintage design that she collected during her travels, and her own irreverent concepts. She died in 2012. In hommage to this fashion icon, Alessandro De Lorenzo, owner of the ûber chic boutique Boudoir in Venice, collaborated with designer Oscar Mamooi to create fabulous frames in equally fabulous colours. Top photo: Green Grid with mirror pattern lens

Anna Piaggi Spirit by Oscar Mamooi for #Celebration
Anna Piaggi Spirit by Oscar Mamooi for #Celebration

“I met Oscar last year,” says De Lorenzo, “and he brought me a folder of amazing sketches. Anna Piaggi has always inspired him, so he designed these glasses thinking of her.” The dramatic Italian acetate shape is creatively printed, and sealed with a thin layer of crystal clear acetate. A metal ring holds the lens, and the open side has a nylon string. The Piaggi frames are a true celebration and stylish remembrance of a genuine fashion original. Anna would have approved, and worn them with her inimitable presence. JG

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