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9th December 2014 There are numerous reasons to love eyewear – it’s a great fashion accessory with creativity, style, surprises, and current technology, plus wonderful colours and materials. Two discoveries by Eyestylist provide imaginative ideas to enjoy wearing on frosty winter days, or the lure of tropical climates and beaches.

RVS by V., designed by Vidal Erkohen has a new Limited Edition that includes Snow White (above) which is equipped with a custom made Camo print on genuine leather, and chic mirror lenses – an important trend. The bridge is detachable for additional flexibility. The design is an effective and fashionable way to keep your eyes safe from the wind, and strong winter sun. www.rvsbyv.com


Captivating! Bocca Lova Sunglasses by Face à Face Paris
Captivating! Bocca Lova Sunglasses by Face à Face Paris

What better way to make a grand entrance on the beach than wearing Bocca Lova Sunglasses? Pascal Jaulent at Face à Face Paris is inspired by the fictional spy character Emma Peel in the 1960’s TV adventure series The Avengers. Bocca Lova is an ode to the aesthetics of the 60’s with sharp geometric design and two-tone colouration. Like Emma Peel, you can be a heroine in Bocca Lova sunglasses! www.faceaface-paris.com JG