On With The Show!

25th September 2015 This morning the curtain rises for the 2015 edition of SILMO in Paris at Villepinte, featuring an exhilarating roster of eyewear brands from international companies. The new Excellence Collection by ROLF Spectacles in Austria (above) features elegant, classic designs with grace, lightness and creativity. ROLF has elevated their superb craftsmanship to towering heights, with engraved wood eyewear frames, plus two-tone styles that emphasise elaborate details and precise, beautiful finishes. The Excellence Collection includes fourteen new designs, in seven different woods, and four different wood and stone combinations. www.rolf-spectacles.com

Mod. M100 - Trench Goggle by HAPTER
Mod. M100 – Trench Goggle by HAPTER

HAPTER in Italy presents a Special Edition of their acclaimed Trench Goggle – Mod. M100. The latest design is so far the most advanced interpretation of the frame and manufacturing technique achieved by the HAPTER team. They reflected on how life might have been 100 years ago (M100) to envision the perfect protection tool for World War 1 soldiers in the mountain trenches. The environment for the soldiers was terrifying and demanding, and the M100 – Trench Goggle – was conceived as the would-have-been perfect helmet appendix, for function, protection and mental relief. M100 Trench Goggle is the new vanguard of the HAPTER Icons Line, created for today’s adventurous and courageous explorers. www.hapter.it  SILMO information at www.silmoparis.fr JG

MOREL par Jean Nouvel