RockOptika ‘Stars’

A new launch for Tom Herrington

Five years on and independent British label RockOptika is flourishing.  HQ is a converted high street bank – complete with original safe – situated by the seaside, with an extensive selection of British eyewear, including RockOptika’s very own new ultra luxe handcrafted collection.

The new line is fresh, confident and big on artisan detail. “Made in a leading traditional factory in the Jura, each frame front is carved from one piece, including the nosepads,” says Tom. “An integrated gold metal T.H. logo under resin appears on the front and bespoke dual colour schemes are perfectly matched. The bridges have been machined; chamfering along the sides adds a distinctive touch of luxury.”

Heka and Vega by RockOptika
Heka and Vega by RockOptika

With 21 styles in total in the full collection, the 6 new Art Deco inspired styles include a statement round shape with a flattened top, inspired by a pair of small French vintage spectacles, several bold glossy acetate rectangles, and a hard edged vintage look supra (half-eye in the style of the Kray twins), all named after stars.

OGI Eyewear
Götti Switzerland


Saiph by RockOptika
Saiph by RockOptika

The new models are presented in a sturdy paper case and embossed presentation box and all are suitable for sun or ophthalmic lenses. The collection launched this weekend at a new flagship eyewear store by Nelson’s Eye Patch, Norfolk, UK, Further details at CN