Ceremony Capsule Collection by Kuboraum Berlin

I have only twice had the chance to view the Kuboraum collection – once when they launched back in 2012, and once briefly this February at the Milan eyewear fair, by invitation. Dark and mystical, their handmade artisan ‘masks’ – like wearable works of art – have stirred up amazement and excitement in optics and fashion, and continue to do so. Highlights have included frames produced from blow-torched acetate, creating scorched surfaces which are then embellished in silver and 18k or 24k gold chains (mask B2).

Ceremony Capsule by Kuboraum
Ceremony Capsule by Kuboraum

The Ceremony Capsule Collection is a new chapter, honing in on an elegant hand-painting of the frames with exotic florals by designer Livio Graziottin. The collection, described as an expression of “decadent ceremonial grandeur” contains eight sun masks with different motifs of bright blossoms, hibiscus, palm fronds and rose petals, and, like a painting or piece of art, each model, with its striking painted appearance, is signed by the designer.

It’s a different, very intimate mood from the previous collections (gold and silver work) transforming the solid, bulky structure of the mask, with a surprisingly gentle mood, bringing to our attention the dedication and workmanship of the painter – in every delicate brushstroke and nuance of colour of the tiny details of petals and leaves.

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Based in Berlin and handmade in Italy, Kuboraum frames are produced by the artist/designer Livio Graziottin and anthropologist, and marketing/communications director, Sergio Eusebi. The Ceremony Capsule was first shown at the Milan eyewear fair (Mido) in Spring 2016. More information is available at www.kuboraum.com CN