theo Games

In readiness for Rio 2016, a treat is in store from the Belgian creators theo: the Games collection comprises luxury designs made of gold or palladium with a superb, unusual finish – an eye-catching combination of matte and shiny surfaces.

theo eyewear - medal
theo eyewear – model Medal

The overall focus is on the round shape, with five slightly different circular versions – some rounder than others – referencing the iconic Olympic rings and the sought after medals as well as founder Wim Somer’s love of the classical round spectacle shape – the one he is always seen in himself.

Luxury is the keynote in this series, with palladium models in 3 μm palladium, and golden models made of 3 μm palladium with a 4 μm layer of gold. The golden frames have a hallmark on the temple, certifying the genuine 24 carat gold.

Hall of Frames
Götti Switzerland

And theo’s thought of everything: for those who require a brightly coloured every day style, the same models are available in titanium in bright sparkling single colours – from fluo red to electric blue and named Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and America. Ideal for all prescriptions! For more information on this new line, visit CN