NVSBLE by Vinylize

As customers continue to crave something different, Vinylize is on the money with their latest release: a clear vinyl collection using vinyl in its purest form. When used for a frame, the effect of the material is a more subtle look than black, with a groove texture that is still evident but slightly less heavy. The six designs in the Limited Edition have been given thinner rims and sculpted temples, explained designer Zachary Tipton in an interview with Eyestylist, who also points out the gold hot foil stamp which was used instead of silver to accentuate the sand crystal hue. A sandblasted wire core brings texture to the temples.  Made in a workshop in Budapest, Vinylize frames have all the charm of a contemporary European hand-finished product, as well as being completely unique – “no two Vinylize are ever alike”. Just 480 NVSBLE frames will be available this autumn! www.vinylize.com CN


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