Orbis + Zoobug bring help & hope to little girl

A heart warming collaboration between Orbis – the worldwide sight saving programme – and ZOOBUG children’s eyewear – has brought sight and hope to a little girl in China. Xiu Ling, who is nine years old, was diagnosed at He University Eye Hospital with the rare condition Double Levator Palsy. The treatment took place on board Orbis’ new Flying Eye Hospital. The Orbis programme includes post-operative assessment, and Xiu was presented with ZOOBUG sunglasses to ensure correct protection and comfort for her eyes following treatment. Photo: Xiu Ling wearing her ZOOBUG sunglasses.

Xiu Ling on the Flying Eye Hospital
Xiu Ling on the Flying Eye Hospital

“ZOOBUG has been donating glasses and sunglasses to Orbis since 2014,” says Dr Julie Diem Le, ZOOBUG Director and an eye surgeon, “and we are always grateful to know that our glasses and sunglasses are reaching children who have undergone surgery, and need access to quality eyewear. In the first days and months after an operation, it is essential that their eyes are properly cared for and protected as they recover.”

Xiu Ling descending the FlyingEye Hospital with her mother and Orbis staff member
Xiu Ling descending the Flying Eye Hospital with her mother and Orbis staff member.

Dr Le continued: “Orbis and their work via the Flying Eye Hospital offers a remarkable opportunity to transform children’s lives in the treatment and prevention of eye disease and avoidable blindness. We are committed to that cause in our endeavours to raise awareness of the importance of children’s eye health.” Award winning ZOOBUG optical and sunglass designs are crafted from fine quality materials and customised elements, to insure perfect fit and comfort for youngsters. www.zoobug.com JG