Design marvels by HAPTER

The majestic Dolomite Mountains are rooted in all that HAPTER creates. The discovery of vintage frames in the mountains by Italian artisans Eric Balzan and Mirko Forti led to their radical design attitudes in eyewear. Now for the latest chapter in the brand’s development, HAPTER has two amazing new additions to the ICONS LINE – collection RBBR001  and a stunning introduction in Collection TXTL001 – protective goggles.

WO2M from Collection RBBR001 – ICONS LINE by HAPTER

A wide and dominant bridge in collection RBBR001 on models WO1M the sunglass design, and the optical version WO2M, (top image) highlights the power of the rubber material in the frame. The unique surface is characterised by a microscopic and irregular stone-like texture emphasised by pigmentation. This special process is treated with ancient forging techniques developed in HAPTER’S workshop – Hapteria.

Amazingly slim and light – back view of WO2M in Lichen Green

Advanced technology and artisanal elements unite in the amazingly slim and light structure with floating lenses, that connect the bridge to the thinnest temples ever designed by HAPTER. Two gorgeous colours feature on the Grid Bridge – Lichen Green, reproduced from lichens found on the Dolomite Mountain rocks, and Leaf Orange, relating to the decaying autumn colours in nature; a sadly beautiful vision of change, necessary to protect trees in winter, and create new life in springtime.

Revolutionary: MO2M+1 from HAPTER Collection TXTL001

HAPTER’S revolutionary approach to design and fabrication is further illustrated in Collection TXTL001 with models MO1L+1, and MO2M+1. Inspired by vintage work-wear, the goggles are inventive and combine modern and ancient crafts. The Naked Swoosh Bar is an architecturally inspired cantilever element that starts from the bridge, and is projected downwards to create a protective bar for the lenses  – and those who wear them.

Innovative expression: MO1M+1 HAPTER Collection TXTL001

The frame surface is subject to an all-new HAPTER invention influenced by a textile printing technique on wooden blocks. Then HAPTER developed a specific in-house process to selectively remove the fabric colour with acid – known as the Diamond Treatment. The new frames are innovative expressions that combine contemporary technologies with old-world techniques. HAPTER’s avant-garde, revolutionary achievements will be presented at SILMO Paris 6th-9th October. JG