Migi Migi by Padma Image – Japan

The Japanese brand Padma Image is 5 years old, and following celebrations, they have released several new styles including the cutely named Migi Migi (‘migi’ means right hand side in Japanese). This small authentic artisan label offers a wonderful balance of workmanship and playful design, often using asymmetry but delicately or without overemphasising the peculiarities of the shaping. While the brand has not yet reached Europe, designer Meiji Hasui says he has set his sights on expanding in the not too distant future! More information is available at http://padma-image.petit.cc/ Padma Image exhibits at the Tokyo show Site: http://sites.jp.net  For more Padma Image reviews at Eyestylist, visit www.eyestylist.com/2014/11/rotary-no-50/ CN