Inspired by Mr Bean: theo + Wujic Jo

An unlikely inspiration makes for a brilliant and charming concept in a new release by theo, designed in collaboration with South Korean fashion student, Wujic Jo. Previewed at SILMO this month, the design brings together a classic eyewear concept with a humorous twist inspired by the iconic British TV character, Mr Bean.

Catwalk; Wujic’s graduation collection

Working together with theo designer Serge Bracké,  the result is a highly stylised set of frames from Wujic, with an excellent fit and a classy look – like a tailored suit – but with a serious twist. The frames are made of acetate, with a keyhole shaped bridge and rivets – timeless and classic. The influence of Mr. Bean comes in the form of a chrome clip, inspired by the TV character’s Mini Cooper, with tiny windscreen wipers, to wipe the dirt from the lenses, and magic away the entire sun filter…(or seemingly!!)

Götti Switzerland
OGI Eyewear

75 sets of three glasses are available in this edition, in three different versions: glossy black frames with a shiny chrome clip, dark tortoiseshell frames with a shiny gold clip and a light tortoiseshell motif with a matte gold clip. The packaging follows the theme inspired by the Mini Cooper colours – and adds the finishing touch, a seat belt! More details on this collection and other new and brilliant theo releases at CN