3D printed: Germany’s You Mawo

3D printed eyewear is now widely available, and the lightweight, easy-to-wear polyamide material has become one of the leading state-of-the-art material choices in high-end eyewear boutiques worldwide. Young German 3D printed eyewear company You Mawo is one of the design-led businesses to develop its potential in a bespoke-fit, individualised service. Their innovative system takes a scan of the customer’s face with an iPad and provides a choice of timeless basic frame shapes in contemporary colours from which the final design can then be adapted for a wonderfully comfortable fit. The frame is produced in Germany within a few days and sent to the customer’s optician with the optimized shape for the customer – a service for which they have become much admired. They promise a turnaround for delivery of the final frame of 15 working days.

You Mawo’s Aviator style Ketil is one of the styles currently available, super light and very fine in the structure which is strong, stable and extremely elegant on the face.  “The final product is a unique symbiosis between human, science, craftsmanship and technology”, say the founders, with the added benefit of the 3D printing technique that waste is limited during the manufacturing process. Find more designs and learn more about the fast-growing You Mawo brand at www.youmawo.com CN