Fine-tuning colour at Kirk & Kirk

British independent label Kirk & Kirk continues to inspire a desire for bright statement colour in eyewear. Co-founder Karen Kirk says push your boundaries, and try something new, you might fall in love!

Using acrylic for frames in its Centena line, Kirk & Kirk can create its own palette of colours. What was your inspiration for the 2020 tones? Do you base the choices on what was selling well or is there more to it?
Acrylic transmits light beautifully, and I will always choose colours that work best with our material. It isn’t really a fashion thing. It’s about people, and the way you feel when you wear the frame. As we have full control over the manufacturing process, we have freedom to create our own subtleties and transparencies in colour; this is a huge advantage, as generally eyewear companies choose from pre-designed sheets from the two main manufacturers.

Esme from the Centena Collection by Kirk & Kirk

What is the difference in wearing a bright matt and a bright shiny frame for the wearer (if any)? Can you offer any guidelines on what tends to suit who? Generally speaking a matt material will sit on the same plane as your skin; shinier materials will have a three dimensional quality. For me, the level of transparency and colour plays a larger part. I would recommend trying different colours on your face as the best way to really tell. Many of our bright colours look amazing on dark skin tones as well as pale complexions. Pale skin can look incredible with a vibrant shade and a dramatic lip tone.

Hana in the Kaleidoscope Collection by Kirk & Kirk

Pink was a hot colour for Kirk & Kirk in 2019. Would you agree and what advice can you give on choosing a pink frame? Yes, and it will continue to be, we have included this colour in new collections coming up! There seems to be an emotional connection to pink, it’s warm, sexy, fun and friendly.
People’s hearts seem to leap for joy (I am not exaggerating here) when they see this colour and it is usually love at first sight. When you choose a pink frame you need to own it, go with it and don’t be afraid to contrast with it. If you’re going hot, don’t be afraid of mixing with a clashing red, it can look amazing.

OGI Eyewear
Centena – Horace in 10mm acrylic – a new matt finish is achieved through sandblasting the frames

Colours in eyewear have generally been hotting up over the last years, but there can be worries or inhibitions over wearing really bold tones in the work place. What would you say to anyone who is a bit nervous about being bold with their colour choice? We hear this a lot, but once you start trying on colour, it is very hard to go back to that pair you were hiding behind before. Once you see the change in the way people react to you, there is usually no holding back.

Kirk & Kirk have just launched the new matt styles in the Centena Collection. They have also released 3 new styles in the Kaleidoscope Collection this week – a cat eye called Michelle, the oversized + angular Penelope, and a beautiful more minimal and understated two-tone Jane frame. For more information visit or view the newly released presentation of the new models for SS20 by Jason Kirk on YouTube at