Blackfin model Lynn Haven

Tricks with titanium are part of the mastery and craftsmanship of Italian label Blackfin. The bas-relief effect of model Lynn Haven – achieved through a state-of-the-art micro mechanical¬† processing technique – allows for a two-tone colour scheme, in this case balancing delicate pink and blue/green. Comfort is a key to the design with a lightweight construction and several special features such as tilting nose pads, and overall the styling delivers a smart, modern, clean-cut elegance that reflects our era whilst maintaining timeless aspects popular in today’s eyewear selections. This women’s frame is also created in red/blue, silver/gold, brown/magenta and silver/black. The design is recommended if you have sensitive skin as the materials are non-toxic and bio-compatible, free from residues of nickel or other heavy metals. To find out more about Blackfin eyewear read our latest post at and visit