SoupCan Milled: new from Tavat

The new Milled concept for 2020: performance, design + innovation – in Bronze edition

Tavat Eyewear’s individualistic Soupcan design – first released in 2015, is back with the introduction of a new Milled concept – in bronze. The frames were one of a series of avantgarde eyewear innovations due to show at the cancelled Mido fair in Milan in February – but nevertheless launched and now available, heading out to leading optical stores as we write.

Model Retros – an oversized panto from Tavat’s new Milled line – in 3mm bronze

Each frame has been milled from sheets of bronze and through elaborate machining techniques unique to the company’s production in Italy, the SoupCan design has reemerged with a fresh and modern guise. Contemporary architectural shapes and elegantly balanced metallic colours fuse alongside Tavat’s precision and refinement in production and hand finishing for the ultimate contemporary artisan line. Tavat frames undergo more than 100 production and artisanal steps with meticulous quality control throughout each work cycle. The sunglasses are fitted with Melanin sun lenses to offer enhanced contrast, sharp vision and high level protection for the retina.

Model Tank in Tavat’s Milled SoupCan range

Model Tank is conceived to embody the “live larger than life, dream larger” ethos. In line with former SoupCan editions, model Tank and all other styles in this series are built with specific technical details including an anti-rotation screw (inside the watch-crown hinge) a rim-lock under the nose, and Tavat’s signature temple made from Niclafor®, a flexible, easy to adjust material that gives a lasting high quality finish. For more details about the technical properties of these new state-of-the-art Tavat designs in the SoupCan Milled edition, visit