Explore 3D printed design: Liq Eyewear

3D printed eyewear by Barcelona design studio, Creax

With the rise of 3D-printing, a young generation of designers is coming to the eyewear arena from other specialisms – interested in the sustainable potential of the eyewear alongside the opportunities offered for individual design and customisation.

Josep Mateo Muñoz, product designer, Creax Design, a design and innovation studio in Barcelona, launched Liq Eyewear with focus on the potential of Polyamide and its creative appeal when exploring shapes. “Polyamide is a natural material, it is light, warm and pleasant on the skin,” he told Eyestylist. “The material allows us to design “liquid” shapes which would be impossible to produce with other materials.” The frames at Liq have a lightweight construction achieved with a sculpted finish on the exterior and interior of the designs and finishes are gently textured – with colours ranging from bright red to natural stone-like tones.

Götti Switzerland
Liq Eyewear, Barcelona – a sustainable production

With a self-designed magnetic hinge system, Zeiss sunlenses and an attractive protective soft grey felt bag, the Liq designers has managed to balance their love of modern design and fashion in a comfortable, inexpensive product they can produce out of Spain. “Liq started as an internal project at the studio: we thought that it would be a good idea to apply our experience in eyewear design to our own brand taking advantage of the benefits of 3d printing and controlling the whole process from our studio, avoiding overproduction or excessive waste in manufacture.”

About the label: Liq Eyewear first launched in 2018. The liquid-inspired shapes are 3D printed in Barcelona, Spain – and the collection is now widely available in Spain in optical shops. The new 2021 collection promises frames with sculpted decorations and surfaces with holes and openings – watch for new styles such as Liq Rain and Liq Lava opthalmic/sun styles with details only possible using 3D printed technology. www.liq-eyewear.com