Fleye Copenhagen: Elements of Art

“Each frame is the intersection of craft and art – a representation of our vision for modern designs crafted to last….”

Fleye Copenhagen’s innovative, creative concepts expand yet again with the introduction of ‘Elements of Art’: an eye-catching arts-inspired collection which pays tribute to Denmark’s Thorvaldsens Museum, its evocative colours, architectural features and marble and plaster sculptures.

Inspiring a new collection: experimental molding in geometrical soap blocks

Through a process of experimental molding, the designers at Fleye sought to recreate the mood of the works – and the process of creating them – while adding a contemporary context. As they explain, “Rather than molding in clay and cast, the designers began creating soap in various forms, colours and patterns from the Thorvaldsens Museum. Afterwards the geometrical blocks of soap were stacked on top of each other, creating art sculptures and visions for the new designs.”

Inspiration was drawn from the historic museum, its colours and its works of art / Images courtesy of Thorvaldsens Museum, Copenhagen. Left photo credit: Sarah Coghill

The result is a line up of glasses with new inspiring colorways and engravings as well as patterns and playful transparencies created by light reflections and closely aligned to the historic elegance and visual aesthetics of the Thorvaldsens Museum and its exuberant heritage and works of design.

About Thorvaldsens Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark (www.thorvaldsensmuseum.dk) – the museum is dedicated to the art of the Danish neoclassical sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen, who lived and worked in Rome for much of his life. The museum can be found on the island of Slotsholmen, near Christiansborg Palace. More information about this new season arts-inspired collection at www.fleye.dk