Accessories in optics – Diffuser Tokyo: an expanding collection

Virtual products showcaseDiffuser Tokyo offers a growing collection of very high quality well finished eyewear accessories, designed for the stylish man, and incorporating high quality leathers and textiles. In their cases range, the autumn sees the arrival of new colours for the best-selling Horween leather eyewear case. Horween is a long-established tanner in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The quality of the leather means that it is flexible, tough and aesthetically elegant its its finish – the company uses unique technologies and oil impregnated during tanning produce the stylish and soft finish – as well as unique leather colours.

Accessories in optics: Diffuser Tokyo –  new hard case in red

This traditional hard case, with a small popper fastening, is lined with good-quality Japanese pigskin leather with excellent durability. This means that the product will age gradually acquiring a unique elegance and character over time.

Accessories in optics – Diffuser Tokyo : the new military inspired glasses holders

The new glasses-holder has a military-infused design.The cord is an original linen cord produced in Fukui Prefecture, Japan. Fukui Prefecture is famous for its location in Sabae City, where glasses are produced; the district also has a flourishing textile industry due to its humid climate. The high-quality linen is functional and durable with a pleasant feel. Diffuser Tokyo products are available to buy direct from their website.

MOREL par Jean Nouvel
Götti Switzerland

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