Newcomer highlight: Tyche + Iset Eyewear, Los Angeles

Virtual products showcase The Galápagos Collection is a metaphorical reflection of my journey within the eyewear industry as an emerging designer, says Morganne Leigh, founder and designer, Tyche + Iset Eyewear. She says this latest Collection has evolved into a lesson about persistence and adaptation in order to survive; such as the exotic flora and fauna of the famed islands in the Pacific Ocean. Pictured above: Las Islas in midnight marble

Las Mariposas sunglasses comes in three unique colours

Bold, glamorous, with fine crafting and careful attention to materials, the line offers versatile shapes (find geometric, oval and oversized squareish forms), and a confident artistic design language.

Las Iguanas from the Galápagos collection

The award-winning young label Tyche + Iset Eyewear is founded on the mythological aspects of life, telling stories through eclectic and alluring design.

Hall of Frames
Products: Galápagos collection Brand: Tyche + Iset Eyewear Website: Contact address: [email protected]

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