Eyestylist trends: Shimmer and sparkle at Seraphin

Eyestylist update: The US label Seraphin Eyewear is known for its decorative designs, with stunning embellishments and sparkling jewellery accents. Today the collection is designed by Chief Creative Officer David Duralde, OGI Eyewear, and features the new Seraphin Shimmer, a capsule adorned with dazzling crystals by Swarovski. Eyestylist observed that the company has launched a try-on option on their website to browse the frames and see how they look on your face.

Apt for the festive season, but just as desirable by lovers of luxury through the seasons, Seraphin Shimmer expresses a mood of 1920s vintage glamour and high-fashion refinement. Above: model wears Shimmer 1, a modified rectangular butterfly with artful 1920s deco line decoration and hand-inlaid crystals.

Shimmer 1 by Seraphin Eyewear – adorned with sparkling accents

The Shimmer 1 style by Seraphin, like other frames in this series, features a delicate pattern of inlaid Swarovski crystals – the effect of which is both uplifting and illuminating on the face of the wearer. The two delicate colourways are inspired by the jazz age and the rich yet subtle fashions and finery of a Scott Fitzgerald novel.

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Shimmer 1 by Seraphin Eyewear – art deco inspired eyewear for a modern trendsetter

Seraphin Eyewear has been quick to embrace new technologies in 2020 and offers virtual try-on direct from their website at  https://www.ogieyewear.com/try-shimmer

The new campaign was shot by Mike Carreiro with model Lana Zakocela and art direction by David Duralde. Seraphin Eyewear is produced by Ogi Eyewear. See the Shimmer styles at www.ogieyewear.com/seraphin-shimmer/