Eyestylist: A decade of fine eyewear & accessories

A note to you, to mark our 10th anniversary

Eyestylist is celebrating 10 years today! To mark our first decade, we wish to direct our thanks to you our friends and readers who support and follow what we do daily on the site and on social media. We are committed to a constant, dedicated study of the design and innovation in the eyewear and accessories business and we are extremely delighted to have a fantastic audience of professionals, opticians and people who love  and value the design and artistic focus of this creative world of fashion – and the extraordinary people who work within it. Above: Churada by Fritz Frames, Australia, first published on Eyestylist in November 2011 following a first interview with the designer Friedrich Schwarz at Silmo, Paris: https://www.eyestylist.com/2011/11/wood-to-wear/ – ten years on, this Australian independent brand continues to expand its timber frame collection.

A love for design details: Mido optical fair February 2019 – taking a closer look at the inside of  Nina Mûr wooden glasses

In 2011, this level of detail and news in a feed of online content on unique eyewear and accessory independent labels was not available and through the years we have built and are building what we believe to be a remarkable archive dedicated to the leaders and innovators in avantgarde, handmade, luxury and fine glasses, sunglasses and accessories.  Through commitment,  hard work and detailed research, it has been an exciting path of travel, meetings, and factory visits, international fashion weeks and trade fairs..and I am personally grateful for the friends and kind supporters I have encountered a long the way, and the recognition and respect we have built through this time as a trusted resource with a solid global following.

OGI Eyewear
Götti Switzerland
Avantgarde design: Horn spectacles by Rigards, from their 2012 collection – featured on Eyestylist in December 2012 https://www.eyestylist.com/2012/12/trend-watch-grainy-effects-textures-and-wood-look/

We hope you will take a chance to visit the new Eyestylist website and mobile site (www.eyestylist.com) we launched in December as a prelude to our anniversary and we look forward to bringing you more high quality content for years to come. Remember you can look back at our archive of content since 2011, and read about the evolution of some of the brands that are leading this field today!

Iconic French design: Lafont’s optical model Gaufrette, first published on Eyestylist in August 2011 – www.eyestylist.com/2011/08/trend-watch-rich-print-and-pattern/

Finally special thanks to the dedicated sponsors of Eyestylist who continue to work with us and inspire us from across the world. Best wishes to you all for the New Year, we hope 2021 brings renewed health and prosperity, time with friends and families, happiness and peace.  Clodagh Norton – Eyestylist.com / January 2021.