Retro refined at LINDBERG, Denmark

Function and fashion in new strip titanium styles

Among new styles for 2021, the Danish label’s strip titanium collection explores the finest qualities of a retro infused style – with a sleek expression and technically advanced, seamless construction. Models 7423 and 7424 are half-rimmed frames that carry a refined look. The distinct upper bars offer a unique character with an almost floating aesthetic when worn on the face. Above: LINDBERG strip titanium 7423 in a shiny gold finish

LINDBERG strip titanium 7423 – a modified square eye shape

One of LINDBERG’s most sought after frame concepts, the individual titanium elements of these strip titanium styles are laser cut from thin plates of premium quality titanium and formed to create a balance of lightness and impressive stability to bring exceptional standards of comfort. With qualities such as durability, corrosion resistance as well as being hypoallergenic – titanium has become one of eyewear’s most highly regarded materials, and these ultralight strip titanium styles are conceived quite precisely to blend all these different benefits in one.

LINDBERG strip titanium 7424 – based on the classic cat’s eye

LINDBERG’s expertise in producing quality titanium eyewear stems from a “desire for constant innovation”. The company has won multiple awards and holds a series of design patents for its lightweight screwless eyewear consistently setting new standards for style, comfort and toughness in their extensive choice of customisable designs. Their first titanium frame concept – Air Titanium, was first launched in 1985. Made from strong, durable titanium wire, it continues to be among their most successful and highly prized minimalist designs.