Men’s glasses: statement design at l.a. eyeworks

In the final highlight in our close-up study of some of the most unique and classy specs for men we found some bold styles at l.a. eyeworks

A substantial frame, one that is worn to get noticed, is a fitting style focus for the last post in our menswear series this month. Nerd fashion? Geek chic? We prefer to call the thicker rimmed frames a statement of individuality and personality, a defining accessory with bold nuances of colour and design. Gone are the days of the big black so-called Clark Kent specs being the only option here as a more colourful approach and desire for variety in shape changes the perspective – let’s hope for ever more!

As bigger and bolder becomes a mantra for 2021 in eyewear, three new styles at l.a. eyeworks caught our attention for men. These styles are hand-finished, with “tailored” edges, smart distinctive shapes and a completely different colour palette from any other.  Above: Kola by l.a. eyeworks in colour Rock Pool – the shape is classical and the edges are refined – the Rock Pool coloration is a twist on a tortoise pattern, distinctive in its multi-colored pattern which features an uplifting mix of tones in blue and brown

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Trout by l.a. eyeworks: the way to wear a keyhole bridge

Similarly, model Trout presents a strong thick-rimmed traditional shape with the keyhole bridge detail. The fun comes in the colour palette, which offers tones such as ‘Blue Jay’, an impressive striated pattern in elegant blues which turns the look from classic to elegantly adventurous, or quite different tones like ‘Dirty Martini’, an ever so popular light crystal that seems to be consistently popular as we head into Spring.

Frankly by l.a. eyeworks – the matt black is definitely bold, the shape is cool and modern

For those who simply must have a statement in black, our tip is to choose an intriguing matt or shiny finish which gives the look a modern edge. A style like Frankly is made from a sturdy titanium material from Japan and offers different finishes and colours of black, BIC blue and shiny silver, all stylistically intense and in true l.a. eyeworks style, totally exciting to wear! To see more of the latest frames in this new collection by the Los Angeles label, visit