Men’s glasses – Capote Eyewear

One to watch: a sophisticated style at Capote, inspired by the power and magic of  Ibiza, finely tuned with specialist manufacture

One of the highlighted brands in our TREND bulletin on Menswear directions this month, Capote offers mystery, attitude and distinctive, handcrafted design traits – inspired by its Balearic roots and the wild and diverse character of the island of Ibiza. Designed by Venezuelan born Alex Capote, the spirit of the collection today derives from ‘the karma life philosophy’, a notion of simplicity and minimalist attitude, authenticity of design and artisanal creativity.  The frames have evolved since the brand was first conceived in  2013, introducing fine materials such as titanium, beta titanium, Mazzucchelli acetate and aluminium, Italian or Japanese production and a more refined and curated style in the construction. Above: Capote / Cymatics frame 639Hz

Black on black frame and lens and a hint of a 1990s influence: Capote / Cymatics frame 741Hz – Photography: alexcaballerofotografia

Poised for the new season, the current frame shapes are tailored and not oversized – going against the grain of more commercial trends and relying instead on geometric, layered features and sophisticated tones of black, silver or gold, matt finishes and lens colours ranging from mirrored red to black smoke, understated yet edgy in black on black.

Götti Switzerland
Hall of Frames
Capote / Cymatics frame 417Hz – the frames in the Cymatics collection are named after a frequency with healing properties  Photography: alexcaballerofotografia

Early work by Alex Capote was created with the desert festivals such as Burning Man in mind. Capote made a design for the desert – the Incubus, with attributes to cope with the extreme conditions of the dust, an adjustable black rubber strap and avantgarde design in vintage-effect rubber and silver steel. Capote Eyewear has its own store in Ibiza at Carrer de Manuel Sora, 17, 07800 Eivissa. Find out more at

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