Menswear Exclusive: RIGARDS giveaway at Lucentement

Menswear highlight: eyewear from salvaged wood – Le Wood GIVEAWAY launched by Lucentement

Avantgarde designers Rigards and creative fashion platform Lucentement have joined forces in a celebration of the platform’s 100,000 followers on Instagram: with a gift of a pair of Le Wood sunglasses.

One of Rigards’ most exciting recent works, created in collaboration with Uma Wang, the Limited Edition frame is noteworthy not just for its customized elements (vintage grey rims and light mirrored lens), but also for the extraordinary crafting of the frame: the wood is coated in gossamer-thin bamboo paper, and hand-painted using a traditional application of lacquer, with careful drying, sanding, and smoothing between each layer, until the final matte top layer is applied to produce lacquer with less shine, delivering a unique rendition of the time-honored art form. The frame is created in salvaged wood – paired simply and harmoniously with ultralight aluminum-magnesium — giving the natural material a second life in a frame that represents a piece of wearable ‘eyewear’ art.

Le Wood sunglasses by Rigards x Uma Wang

Named “Le Wood”, this iconic collaborative style between Rigards and Uma Wang was designed to tie in with a reflection on dual themes: the powerful mountain scapes of the Andes, and the timeless elegance of Bauhaus ingenuity. Embracing a deceptively unfussy shape, the frame juxtaposes two nature-derived materials of opposite properties and two different worlds of traditions, skills, and associations, culminating in a singularly potent aesthetic.

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For a chance to win this beautiful and iconic frame by RIGARDS x Uma Wang, we invite you to visit the Instagram page @lucentement + website:

About Lucentement – Lucentement was founded in 2013 by brothers Oscar and Ralph. The brothers started Lucentement to help Avant-Garde designers get more exposure via social media channels. Lucentement strives to become the most trusted and disruptive storytelling online platform within the avant-garde Niche. With the necessity to protect and at the same time credit this niche for its incredible influence on the fashion industry, Lucentement vision is to express avant-garde fashion and designers online in the most righteous way possible.

About RigardsRigards leads the way in avant-garde frame design, producing designs in unusual natural materials and exquisite metal combinations and influenced by incredible textures and patterns of the natural world. Founder Ti Kwa has established a new aesthetic style for handcrafted eyewear which is sought after by global connoisseurs of design and leaders in the field of avant-garde fashion and eyewear worldwide.