Japanese TVR® anniversary range: The Infinity 8

An 8th anniversary collection by the Japanese handcrafted label debuts 8mm Zylonite Acetate

An 8mm thick material evocative of old-fashioned glasses, fine Sabae (Japanese) handcrafting and classic solid rivets are some of the highlights in The Infinity 8 collection, an anniversary series – celebrating their 8 years – by Japanese TVR® OPT. In this latest range, TVR® also unveils for the first time the new Japanese hand-carving metal core design also known traditionally as the ‘Tebori’ technique or Japanese engraving. ‘Te’ means ‘hand’ in Japanese while ‘bori’ translates carving; thus the name hand-carving.

The ‘Tebori’ technique was developed during the Edo period when Japanese arts and crafts truly flourished with its own code of design. The technique was employed in various objects including swords, hairpins, combs and many more items. In order to perfect the engraving, ‘Tebori’ craftsmen had to first master the art of making a ‘tagane’ or a cold chisel that acts as a stencil-like tool for the patterns on the metal.

Today, there is only one ‘Tebori’ craftsman in the optical field in Fukui, Japan and a few more in Tokyo focusing on pure gold products including jewelry, watch-making, rings and other gold trinkets featuring the unique hand-carving design. Above: TVR528 French Vintage Panto – colours include clear crystal, Havana and light grey crystal

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TVR 527 and TVR 528 : bold and edgy design work

The collection is inspired by the concept of ‘Infinity’. The two designs honour the artistry of French design with a touch of Japanese sensibility. As well as representing the 8th anniversary, the number ‘8’ represents the shape of eyeglasses and is akin to the infinity symbol, and notions of completeness as well as endless abundance. The brand approached these concepts representing what TVR® OPT embodies in a pursuit to revive and preserve true vintage artistry in eyewear making.

This is the first time that TVR® OPT launches a collection using 8mm Japanese Zylonite Acetate. Patented from classic French design with European influences, the respective models are statement pieces of bold, vintage design with extraordinary attention to detail and a subtle yet extravagant finesse. Find out more – www.trvopt.com