Silmo Paris: FACE A FACE preview

Neon brights ‘light up’ colours of the night sky in the new collection by FACE A FACE

Playing with the effects of light – through the day – and how they influence colour. The FACE A FACE designers have introduced special effects in striking combination colours, imagining how light transverses each model in cut-outs and contrasts as well as unique shapes. The frames are complex and beautifully finished in state-of-the-art materials, an expression of boldness with experimental flair.

“Our work themes are drawn from aesthetic details in our first sketches or models made by our model maker. Some common details catch our attention, and through a discussion process a story appears,” explained the designers, when asked to explain how the idea came about. “When you have this feeling that a collection theme is blooming, it’s a very exciting moment.”  Above: model Zenit by FACE A FACE – a statement design in the collection ‘Colour as Light’

VAVA Eyewear
SILMO Paris Nord Villepinte 24 - 27 Sept 2021
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Carlotta's Village
Hall of Frames Zurich Convention Center 12-13 September 2021
Neonn by FACE A FACE: a Spring neon green contrasts with a midnight blue

They add, “For this new optical collection, the very first samples of the Neonn model featured a very new fluo green on the sides. The “halos” of colour created the luminous effect of an eclipse.”

The expressive Zenit by FACE A FACE: the colour highlight on the top represents the light effect of the midday sun
“We feel that people need to feel positive: after a period of doubt, there is always renewal. For this, the use of colours is a fantastic ‘soft medicine’.” FACE A FACE design team
Sharp and assertive: Gordon by FACE A FACE

Model Gordon, a design with masculine lines inspired by industrial machining, plays with dual tones and matt and shiny surfaces. The combination of bright aniseed yellow on opaque grey contrasts with transparent grey temples – is the ultimate trio of trendy hues while the layering effect is graphic and sculptural. FACE A FACE will exhibit at the Paris trade fair SILMO this week. Find out more about the collection at www.faceaface-paris.comEyestylist spoke with Paris design team Claire Ferreira, Marianne Dezes and Robin Apprioual of FACE A FACE.