Eyestylist Exclusive / Beauty in the detail: Diffuser Tokyo

Fine accessories from Japan use “Kasuri-zome” technique – written by Clodagh Norton

The latest artisan cord styles by Diffuser Tokyo are testament to Japanese craft and a specialty dyeing technique which originates from Kyoto, the capital of Japan’s traditional textile production. The cords are completely distinctive, with a wonderful graduated or “ombré ” colour effect from light to dark in different natural colorations of blue, red, khaki and grey. Above: the new cords at Diffuser Tokyo – handmade in Japan

Close up of the Diffuser Tokyo cords with the unique “Kasuri-zome” graduated dye effect

“Kasuri-zome” – the traditional dying technique – is a time honored dip-dyeing technique involving multiple stages, all of which are done by hand to achieve the final result. For the cords, the process for the colours of the cords involves dyeing two different colours at both ends – at the centre they overlap to create the beautiful effect of graduated tones.

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Diffuser Tokyo: high-quality Japanese design with colours created by the kasuri zome artisans

Diffuser Tokyo is a specialist producer of fine eyewear accessories, created in natural materials with original timeless designs. They are beautiful to use or wear as well as practical. Their products are available at fine eyewear stores around the world. Find out more: www.diffuser-tokyo.com