Shortcuts to chic: 2022 starts here

New year eyewear with the ‘feelgood factor’ offers an instant pick-me-up for those who love their style on point – an Eyestylist Trend Feature

As the new year gets underway, the latest looks are inspiring with multifarious themes. Classical, timeless aesthetics will remain one of the big trends of ’22, with new specs and sunglass styles informed by the shapes of older , iconic ones – but fresh details and design twists will redefine the looks, and new factors will establish new rules for what’s hot and exciting to wear. First and foremost, a mix of materials from very high grade acetates to cutting-edge 3d printed styles allows us a wide choice of options for comfort and ease-of-wear, while the prevailing mood for creative design excellence, the revival of artisanal precision and a desire for more sustainable products with a greater lifespan are factors that will play a consistent role in what we choose to wear. Above – A little sparkle in a frame is elegant and sassy: Yolanda by Vera Wang with crystal details – part of a new sophisticated offering –

Classical details such as the keyhole nose bridge are hugely popular: Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses model Hep

With people increasingly aware of the toll that fast fashion takes on the environment, quality and longevity in a fashion product are features that consumers want. Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses creates frames which you can own for life. The quality construction and elegant hardware replicate some of their earliest and most iconic designs, while the bevelling and finish adds a subtle twist that’s hot right now. Frames like these will never go out of fashion:

essedue sunglasses
OGI Eyewear
VAVA Eyewear
EOE Sustainable Eyewear from Swedish Lapland
Carlotta's Village
ROLF Spectacles
Feelgood eyewear: 3D printed products are comfy and long-lasting – as well as striking: Sadry by Gotti Switzerland

3D printed eyewear is a growing niche with high-end independent producers creating the finest and most innovative design ranges in this area. Gotti Switzerland’s Dimension collection is one of them, with styles such as Sadry – a frame with a sculpted or bevelled appearance and an interesting palette of natural colours ranging from mocca and berry to slate and stone.

Bassett by Seraphin Eyewear: a wearable modified square shape

Eyewear can be an instant mood booster, especially if the style offers a new look or a more modern,  smarter, or more professional demeanour. Square frames, such as Seraphin’s Bassett above, were a huge success in recent months and will continue to be a go-to shape especially where the rims offer definition. Choose a frame where the quality of the material and its construction shine through. Find Bassett and more acetate frames in the Seraphin collection by OGI Eyewear at